The plague

Sister moms, can I get an alleluia that flu season is almost over?!

I should’ve never uttered the words, “My kids hardly ever get sick.” It was a true statement until this year. This year the plague hit our house starting in January and I’m hardly exaggerating when I say that we have taken turns being sick every week since then.

I’m so over bodily fluids and fevers and antibiotics and antiseptic.

I thought maybe with the weather turning warmer we were in the clear. It’s been super nice out and I’ve been able to send my tribe outside to play. Can I get an amen for outside time?

Anyways, then my little one started with ear drainage. He progressed to his next, typical symptom: green snot. Sunday he started running a fever and Monday we were hanging out at the clinic. He’s apparently inherited my crappy sinus passages that tend to clog and infect easily.

We’ve also had pneumonia, chest colds, puking flu, head colds, and ear infection at our house. I’ve lost hundreds of hours of sleep over all of these germs, they need to vacate!

With each sickness, I lay awake at night wondering how sick they really are. Does it warrant a clinic visit? Should I wait one more day and see? I don’t want to be the mom who brings them in every time they have a sniffle, but I got caught in a bit of a lurch waiting too long with my middle son. I kept thinking he just had some drainage issue that ended up being pneumonia! To go to the clinic or not is my least favorite debate and it’s been almost a weekly one since January.

I’m. So. Over it.

If you’ve come here looking for inspiration, you’ll have to check out the archives because all I have in me today is disdain for germies and sickness! Sickness and germies warrant no Amens and Alleluias! The only alleluia sickness gets is the ability to slow down my littlest to a more manageable level, but he trades in his speed for a whiney demeanor!

Flu season, be gone. Spring, let’s get this show on the road!