Yesterday I spent the morning at a consignment sale with my sister, who is a new first time mom.

We were chatting about how darn fast those babies grow up. I’ve probably told her a million times that they’re small for about five minutes, because after three little ones, it’s 100 percent true every time.

Each stage of raising up kiddos is more fun than the last, but as a mom I also feel a sense of sadness and nostalgia when they abandon one stage for the next.

My daughter is a pre-teen and with that has come all the grade school drama. Her and her friends are learning important social skills about how to be kind and how to interact with other people. These skills will serve them well in the future but right now, they’re not so great at it! This stage comes with a lot of tears and hurt feelings, but it also comes with lots of mother/daughter chats. She is old enough now to understand concepts and I can relate with her like I haven’t been able to before. She’s just turning into such a little lady and I love that.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook Memories because when she shows up in her cute little Easter dresses as a toddler, I kind of lose it! Toddlers in white tights are the cutest thing ever and they tend to frown on putting them on little boys. 🙂 She was my only sweet, little girl and that stage is a memory.

My middle son is teaching me first hand how raising boys is so much different than raising girls! Every stage with him is new as well because boys do not participate in drama. He is not comfortable talking about feelings or relationships or anything. Farts, football and his BFF’s are the topics of choice and some of the above things don’t interest me much! He also teaches me that you have to have a lot of tools in your parenting toolbox to motivate each child to be their best. My daughter responds to positive reinforcement while my middle son does better with correction. My littlest one prefers no correction and at his age gets away with it! At any rate, I love watching my middle son grow into a young man!

My littlest baby boy grows the most and fastest of all of these little ones! I swear he learns new things every day and he’s just so big. He’s still suppose to be a baby but he defies that more with each passing day. He’s spouting off more words each day and his personality really has shown through in the past couple of weeks. He’s also taken to jumping off of things with no fear and he’s teething. Those two stages can quickly exit stage right! Last night he chose to be up for an hour in the middle of the night. I’m thankful we’ve abandoned that stage!

I probably have the hardest time letting go of stages when they’re really little because I feel like they go through stages as fast as those old movie slides flip. Kiddos are simply hilarious when their personalities start to develop when they’re so small. With this third baby, I’m definitely taking the time to soak it all in.

Parenting is such a tough thing. It’s like taking a class where you don’t get any progress reports or grades until the end when they either turn out to be upstanding, caring citizens and you get an “A” or you get an “F.” I like feedback and with parenting you just don’t get that!

Someone told me last week that our two older kiddos are so sweet and well behaved at school and that was just like a giant hug for this mama! They tend to behave well around me and it’s always nice to hear they behave when I’m not around as well!

Parenting remains the best and most rewarding struggle of each day. My most earnest prayers are that they will grow up to represent Christ in the best way and will be caring, hard workers just like their daddy! I’m just so thankful to be their mama. 🙂

I’ll leave you with one of my most favorite songs, grab a box of Kleenex if you’ve never heard it!!