A Catholic Muggle

Sometimes I feel like I'm a Christian who doesn't fit any type of mold. I'm a home grown Presbyterian masquerading as a Catholic. For you Harry Potter fans, I'm a Catholic muggle 🙂 I grew up in a Presbyterian Church and my biggest faith influencer was my Gram. Interestingly enough, she wasn't originally Presbyterian. Gram grew [...]

Blogging with a Purpose

It's official, I've birthed a blog baby! Previously, WordPress hosted my blog which meant I had a confusing URL and honestly, no skin in the game so I wasn't a very frequent updater. I decided one of my goals this year was to expand my blog and learn more about the guts behind a website. It's [...]


My youngest son was born in November and was our first winter baby. Our other two were born during the summer months when the days are long and the weather is nice in the Midwest. A few weeks after he was born and the newness had worn off and the congratulatory casseroles stopped coming, I [...]


The world is a tough place right now. There's so much unrest and division between us and our neighbors on social issues and politics. Last night I found myself turning over some of these issues in my head. As if I can fix any of it, right? I was also up with "Little One" who [...]


Warm hands on a coffee cup....public officials that crack jokes...Fisher Price barnyard sets. I recently impulse bought "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp at Hobby Lobby. I realize I'm a little late to the game on this one as it's a few years old but what a perspective changing book it is! Voskamp talks about [...]

Election Hangover

When you get older, hangovers last longer. So we're on day two after the presidential election and we're still trying to heal. I'm so thankful that we only elect a president every four years, because I think the worst in humanity comes out on social media the day after a general election. I've spent a [...]

Middle of the Night Disdai

Middle of the night disdain is the worst. During the day there's so much going on, especially during this season of life. There's plenty to distract me from my shortcomings in life during the day. There's diapers to change, assignment books to sign and the laundry doesn't seem to do itself, at least at my [...]

The Unmaking

"This is the unmaking, Beauty in the breaking, I had to lose myself to find out who You are." -Nichole Nordeman Can we just have a Belong tour event every weekend and can I bring everyone I know? Seriously, I could just go on and on about how inspiring this past weekend was. Our Castlewood [...]

Does it really matter?

All of the “best of 2015” lists come out in January like, the best movies of the year or the top news stories. After the first of the year, I started seeing a lot of people I follow on Instagram post a collage of their top nine most liked photos. It made me consider what [...]


I'm currently working my way through the book of Acts, which is truly fascinating. It's so interesting how the church started and grew right after Jesus died and rose. If I ever have some doubts about this whole thing we call Christianity, just thinking about how far the church spread and how many YEARS it's been [...]