Acts of Kindness

Ah, Valentine's Day. Right away this morning my daughter asked me if I was going to Target today to fetch her a Valentine's Day present. At that moment I decided I was most certainly not getting them a Valentine's Day present, per se. We're currently preparing to move into a different house, so I've been [...]


  I'm running a bit behind on the Blog Hop for our Made to Crave Bible study this week, but here I am just barely making the deadline! One of the questions this week was "Is it possible to make peace with the realities of our bodies?" I'm pretty notorious for mentally making a lot [...]

Breaking through!

So I'm going to outline my typical diet from this past six months. I decide I'm going to start eating better Monday. Enter pizza. I decide I'm going to start eating better the next Monday. Enter Skittles. Switch out different kind of awesomeness and repeat. So this time is different though, because I didn't have [...]

A tough day and falling off the wagon.

Today was a tough one! On Wednesdays I am lucky enough to get to stay at home with my littlest which is such a gift, but diet wise typically a major fail. I am such a snacker when I'm at home so "stay at home day" as we call it was a challenge! As an [...]

Permissible, but not beneficial

  If wearing duct tape across your mouth to promote less snacking were more socially acceptable, we'd have a solution for mindless eating ladies! I started a few days late, but I'm doing an online Bible study on the book "Made to Crave" by my favorite Lysa Terkeurst through Proverbs 31 Ministries and in the [...]

Sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems…

I came home from leading fit club last night (since my sister Michelle forgot to pack me in her Jamaica luggage) to find a sick boy and a pile of puke on the arm chair in the living room. Lovely! So we spent the night in the living room on the couch nursing the stomach flu! [...]

Praying over relationships

It's really a good lesson in perspective when 6 degrees above zero feels tolerable! That -20 with a -50 windchill was QUITE cold up here in the frozen tundra! I had to chuckle on the national news the past few days when they were really making a big deal about the "polar vortex." First of [...]

In a funk!

Today I'm just in a funk! I'm a bit grumpy and having a time pulling myself out of it. I struggle pulling myself out of low times sometimes. I'm thankful that these low times don't come often for me and that I'm typically a naturally optimistic person. It started a little bit last night so [...]

Resolve for a better 2014 or not?

Happy new year! I was trying to decide if I should make a new years resolution this year or not and honestly, there's so many broken pieces of myself I want to fix I had a hard time defining which one needs the most work! I've been a bit anxious without a study book to [...]