So apparently I don't blog regularly anymore. My apologies! But I'm back because I'm in the middle of digesting a life-changing book! I should have seen this coming. First of all, the book is by Jen Hatmaker, the coolest lady to ever walk the planet. Just follow her on Facebook, you'll see. Anyways, my second [...]

Raise me up in holy passion

Sometimes I can tell when I'm going through a season of change. Challenges arise, I feel unsettled, things don't go the way I expect. I recently started the book "Interrupted" by Jen Hatmaker. I'm merely a few chapters in and can already feel it's going to be a game changer. Jen talks about how she [...]


Wednesday is most typically my day off and with that comes many times errands and grocery shopping. Today grocery shopping was on the agenda. I stopped and chatted with my mom this morning before I left and I remember telling her I was going to go grocery shopping because we "didn't have any food in [...]