The most faith filled servants

The Lord's most faith filled and loyal servants are farmers. They gamble their hard earned money on seed in the spring, work tirelessly to get it in the ground on time and spend the rest of the summer praying for the right amount of rain and good growing weather so their gamble pays off in [...]

Dry erase calendar disdain

I haven't filled out my kitchen dry erase calendar for the month of May yet, and it's May 10. Filling out the calendar is typically a chore I take care of right away because it helps me keep my head on straight and make sure everyone gets where they're supposed to. But I've put it [...]

Barn boots at a funeral

I'm so lucky that my life provides such great material for my "mother of the year" application. Last week my aunt passed away and we attended the visitation on Friday evening. My hubby had to work past the start of the wake, so I got the kiddos ready and we drove separately. I have a horrible [...]

Faith like a child

Last night we had a community ecumenical service celebrating Jesus' life, death and resurrection. I helped organize the event and it was held at our church, so I brought my two older kiddos to the service while my sweet hubby kept our little guy at home. He's cutting eye teeth. We had already been to church [...]

Sneetches are sneetches

I co-teach religion classes at our church and we're so efficient we were running out of curriculum material! There was also a rumor that our class was considered "boring" so I decided to mix it up a bit before we break for Easter. I remembered one time in high school we had this really neat choir [...]

The plague

Sister moms, can I get an alleluia that flu season is almost over?! I should've never uttered the words, "My kids hardly ever get sick." It was a true statement until this year. This year the plague hit our house starting in January and I'm hardly exaggerating when I say that we have taken turns [...]


Yesterday I spent the morning at a consignment sale with my sister, who is a new first time mom. We were chatting about how darn fast those babies grow up. I've probably told her a million times that they're small for about five minutes, because after three little ones, it's 100 percent true every time. [...]

A Catholic Muggle

Sometimes I feel like I'm a Christian who doesn't fit any type of mold. I'm a home grown Presbyterian masquerading as a Catholic. For you Harry Potter fans, I'm a Catholic muggle 🙂 I grew up in a Presbyterian Church and my biggest faith influencer was my Gram. Interestingly enough, she wasn't originally Presbyterian. Gram grew [...]

Blogging with a Purpose

It's official, I've birthed a blog baby! Previously, WordPress hosted my blog which meant I had a confusing URL and honestly, no skin in the game so I wasn't a very frequent updater. I decided one of my goals this year was to expand my blog and learn more about the guts behind a website. It's [...]

Set Me Free From Negative Emotions

One should never check their email before bed. I've relearned this lesson many times over, but last week in the midst of moving madness, I hadn't had time to look at it all day so I broke my rule, and there it was. That email that was borderline biting, and a little bit critical. And [...]