Dry erase calendar disdain

I haven't filled out my kitchen dry erase calendar for the month of May yet, and it's May 10. Filling out the calendar is typically a chore I take care of right away because it helps me keep my head on straight and make sure everyone gets where they're supposed to. But I've put it [...]


Warm hands on a coffee cup....public officials that crack jokes...Fisher Price barnyard sets. I recently impulse bought "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp at Hobby Lobby. I realize I'm a little late to the game on this one as it's a few years old but what a perspective changing book it is! Voskamp talks about [...]


I'm currently working my way through the book of Acts, which is truly fascinating. It's so interesting how the church started and grew right after Jesus died and rose. If I ever have some doubts about this whole thing we call Christianity, just thinking about how far the church spread and how many YEARS it's been [...]

People Pleasers Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jenna and I'm a People Pleaser. Yesterday at Mass the priest asked the congregation was the most common provoker of anxiety is. I thought it was probably something like finances, family conflict, etc. People actually have the most anxiety over what others think of them. At that point, I knew the [...]


  Forgiveness is hard. I consider myself overall a pretty forgiving person, but not always. And when I'm not able to immediately forgive, it bothers me. It occupies my thoughts, it causes me to say things I don't necessarily mean and makes me into a person that I don't like. Last week in our Bible [...]

The Pastoral Plan

We went to Mass on Saturday night and I noticed a few new people that have been coming to Mass regularly lately. They're not necessarily new members, but new regulars. As cold as it's been outside as of recent, it's so heart warming to see new regulars in church. I love seeing casual church attenders [...]

Love came down

Do you have any songs that just really get you going? Like, you listen to them in the car and just completely rock out and make people think you're crazy? Well most recently "Love Came Down" by Kari Jobe has been my jam! It has such a great message but also a really powerful and [...]

Dog for sale…

Bill the dog and I were not friends today. He pottied in the house several times and while I was completing my monthly duty to the a nearby city by attending their city council meeting, he was escaping from his kennel and shredding garbage all over the kitchen. I was greeted at the door by my [...]

Praying over relationships

It's really a good lesson in perspective when 6 degrees above zero feels tolerable! That -20 with a -50 windchill was QUITE cold up here in the frozen tundra! I had to chuckle on the national news the past few days when they were really making a big deal about the "polar vortex." First of [...]

I do not know t…

I do not know the key to success, but I do know the way to fail is to try and please everyone. -Bill Cosby I have finished the Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren left that one off with a bang, because the very last chapter was the one that hit home the most for me [...]