A Catholic Muggle

Sometimes I feel like I'm a Christian who doesn't fit any type of mold. I'm a home grown Presbyterian masquerading as a Catholic. For you Harry Potter fans, I'm a Catholic muggle 🙂 I grew up in a Presbyterian Church and my biggest faith influencer was my Gram. Interestingly enough, she wasn't originally Presbyterian. Gram grew [...]

Blogging with a Purpose

It's official, I've birthed a blog baby! Previously, WordPress hosted my blog which meant I had a confusing URL and honestly, no skin in the game so I wasn't a very frequent updater. I decided one of my goals this year was to expand my blog and learn more about the guts behind a website. It's [...]


My youngest son was born in November and was our first winter baby. Our other two were born during the summer months when the days are long and the weather is nice in the Midwest. A few weeks after he was born and the newness had worn off and the congratulatory casseroles stopped coming, I [...]


The world is a tough place right now. There's so much unrest and division between us and our neighbors on social issues and politics. Last night I found myself turning over some of these issues in my head. As if I can fix any of it, right? I was also up with "Little One" who [...]

Middle of the Night Disdai

Middle of the night disdain is the worst. During the day there's so much going on, especially during this season of life. There's plenty to distract me from my shortcomings in life during the day. There's diapers to change, assignment books to sign and the laundry doesn't seem to do itself, at least at my [...]


So apparently I don't blog regularly anymore. My apologies! But I'm back because I'm in the middle of digesting a life-changing book! I should have seen this coming. First of all, the book is by Jen Hatmaker, the coolest lady to ever walk the planet. Just follow her on Facebook, you'll see. Anyways, my second [...]

Raise me up in holy passion

Sometimes I can tell when I'm going through a season of change. Challenges arise, I feel unsettled, things don't go the way I expect. I recently started the book "Interrupted" by Jen Hatmaker. I'm merely a few chapters in and can already feel it's going to be a game changer. Jen talks about how she [...]


Wednesday is most typically my day off and with that comes many times errands and grocery shopping. Today grocery shopping was on the agenda. I stopped and chatted with my mom this morning before I left and I remember telling her I was going to go grocery shopping because we "didn't have any food in [...]

Set Me Free From Negative Emotions

One should never check their email before bed. I've relearned this lesson many times over, but last week in the midst of moving madness, I hadn't had time to look at it all day so I broke my rule, and there it was. That email that was borderline biting, and a little bit critical. And [...]

Heavy Burdens

My shoulders literally just feel weighed down. The last few weeks have been tough on me and I just feel sort of emotionally drained! I feel like there's been quite a few trials in my life the last few weeks and really sat down to think about it tonight and spend some time in the [...]