I love writing about my always developing, imperfect faith and my prayer is it helps others see Jesus in themselves and their daily life. Check out some of my posts sorted by category!

Belong Tour

Me and my bestie at the Belong Tour!

I attend the FIRST EVER Belong Tour event last fall and LOVED it! I always get some great inspiration and feel so understood surrounded by that many Jesus-loving hot messes! 🙂

Bible Studies

I belong to a small group Bible study and we take on different book studies throughout the year. It’s been the best thing to grow my faith, so this category outlines some of the wisdom I’ve gathered from them!

Biblical Literacy

I take my best shot at becoming more literate and understanding more about the Bible and it’s context. It’s a big beast but I do enjoy understanding historical context and such. My best tool has been my Life Application Study Bible as far as understanding the entire story!


Covering a high school state championship

I work as a small town journalist for our county newspapers and I really enjoy my work. These posts feature some of my adventures on the beat!

Christian Authors

I write about many of the books I’ve read by different Christian Authors. I love hearing different perspectives and how they apply what they learn from their faith journeys.

Christian Life

I just live this life the best I can and try to follow the teachings of the Bible. I’m such an imperfect person and hope I never come off as someone who has it all together or that I am “holier than thou.” I prefer to be seen as the hot mess who’s giving it a good shot!


Parenting, Jesus….my two favorite things to talk about! We exist in a very lived in establishment in a rural area and we have so many adventures! Read about our best attempts at raising up some good kiddos.

Women of Faith

I attended three Women of Faith conferences at the tail end of their tours and left so full of energy and fire for the Lord. Read about those experiences and the lovely ladies who spoke in these posts!