Barn boots at a funeral

I’m so lucky that my life provides such great material for my “mother of the year” application.

Last week my aunt passed away and we attended the visitation on Friday evening.

My hubby had to work past the start of the wake, so I got the kiddos ready and we drove separately.

I have a horrible affliction. I am unable to notice my children’s ensemble until we get to our destination and it’s too late.

Well, as it usually does, this caught up to me once we arrived at the funeral home.

We all piled out of the vehicle. My older son was wearing a collared shirt, dress pants….and barn boots. You know, the black kind with the red soles? The ones that can’t be misconstrued as a different kind of shoe.

Also, he had his pants tucked into them, so I can’t even say that he was discreet about it. Also, when I mentioned it to him, he shrugged. Whatever, footwear is such a inconsequential thing in the life of a seven year old boy.

Fifteen miles from home at a family wake in barn boots.

He may have not cared about his shoes, but I just felt like a bit of a failure. I felt like there must be a screw loose in my brain if I couldn’t remember to take a quick look at my kiddos before we left the house! Why is this such a hard thing for me?

I just stressed about it the whole time we were there. I was talking to my brother and my cousin about my son’s choice of footwear. I was just so focused on what people must be thinking of me since I let my son come to a wake in his barn boots!

My cousin had just lost his mom and he laughed about it and said he thought his mom probably would’ve really liked that my son wore barn boots with his dress pants to her wake. That made me feel a little better, I could even hear my aunt’s laugh in my head when he said it.

Anyways, a little time tends to help me let things go and gain some perspective. We have left the house in worse condition, like super dirty faces or no shoes at all. Old shirts, really not matching outfits, rooster tails…I’ve never been good at noticing details.

My daughter and I once went to run errands in a nearby city and had to purchase shoes at Target because she had neglected to wear any! I’ve also been caught in the trap when they get home from school for the day and I wince a little when I ask if that’s what they actually wore all day long.

I’ve heard before a good litmus test for how much you should stress about things is whether whatever is stressing you out will matter in five years. Well, four days have passed and I dare say it hasn’t affected our life in the least since we left the funeral home!

So I’m going to give myself a little grace with this parenting gig. They’re healthy (right now) and happy (most of the time) so I will just count blessings. And try to get better about giving them the once over before we leave the house.

At least they were his “good” barn boots he wears to school and they didn’t have any poo from our piggies on them!