About Me

I’m just a rural midwestern mom trying to raise great kiddos and find Jesus in my everyday existence.

I love the Lord and He tends to be my favorite topic to blog about. I like relating with other women on where they find faith in the daily grind. I’m so imperfect and so thankful that God’s grace allows me to be.

I’m a mom of three kiddos and it’s my favorite calling. They inspire me to be a better person. My biggest hope is they grow up to be amazing workers for Jesus.

We live on a dusty gravel road that sees maybe 40 cars a day in an old farmhouse complete with a silo and a barn. We embrace the simple way of life and home is my favorite place to be.

I work for our local newspaper as a news editor and the work makes me feel fulfilled. I attend many local government meetings, sporting events, community gatherings and love keeping our local residents in the loop with what’s going on. I have a monthly column that ranges in topic about our lifestyle. Some months I may write about family, faith, food or anything in between and I love it.